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Iruma Iai Club

Visitors welcome!
Come and practice with us! Please feel free to try it out!

Information@about Iruma Iai Club

The style of Iaido Muso Jikiden Eishinryu (It is one of the most widespread styles.)
Affiliated association Dai Nihon Iaido Renmei (All Japan Iaido Federation)
Practice time & date :Saturday or Sunday
9:00a.m.`12:00p.m.(Training is held 4 times a month.)
*The time for each lesson is subject to change depending upon the availability of the gym.
Location Irumashi Budoukan (Iruma City Martial Arts Gymnasium)
[Address:3-10-20 Kagiyama,Iruma City,Saitama Prefecture]
Transport access :20 minutes walk from Irumashi Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line
*Sufficient parking is available at the venue if coming by car.
Monthly tuition fees & Entrance fee :Free!!! (You need 300 yen each time for using the gym.)
Iai uniform, sword and sword-case costs Around 50000 yen altogether
(Note that this will depend on the level and quality.)

*We teach Iai to foreign members in English.

*Members can be promoted to higher Dan grades through both written and practical exams and through participation in the national Iaido competitions.
(There is an extra charge for participation.)

Beginners welcome! New students wanted!

Our dojo strives to create an atmosphere where everybody can practice Iaido regardless of age or gender.
We have both men and women training and students range in age from 16 to 89.
Nearly all of our club members started with little or no experience.
There are no requirements to come and practice with us.

If you are interested in our club, please come and have a look!
If you want to contact us for more information such as the time-schedule, please contact us via the email address below.

email address